Our goal at Charisma Dental is to help our patients to get the best dental fitness that they can achieve. Ideally, this means no pain, no infection, functional and pleasant-looking teeth for life.  As such, there are five main categories of services.


Managing Pain:

Acute dental pain management to provide relief for painful conditions.


Managing Infections:

Root canal therapy to salvage a tooth with infection in the dental pulp space.

Tooth extraction to remove a problematic tooth.

Non-surgical periodontal treatment to prevent the progression of gum disease.

Tooth-coloured fillings to restore decayed teeth to a natural appearance.


Restoring function:

Porcelain restorations for stronger restorations when there is considerable loss of tooth structure.

Metal-alloy restorations when you need the strongest material.
Dental implants to support crowns/bridges/removable dentures to replace missing teeth.
Conventional dental bridges to replace missing teeth.
Removable dentures to replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic services:

Teeth whitening to make your teeth look brighter.
Bonding to improve the appearance of your teeth by minor reshaping and addition techniques.

Preventive services:
Regular examination and cleaning to detect problems early and to maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums.
Topical fluoride application to strengthen your teeth and reduce the risk of dental decay.
Fissure sealant to prevent decay development in the pits and fissures of teeth by making it easier to clean.
Sports mouthguard to protect teeth from trauma due to contact sports.
Occlusal splint to protect your teeth from night-time clenching or grinding.